Montana Fishing Licenses


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Common questions about Montana State Fishing Licenses. 

Montana Resident

What do I need to get a Conservation License?

A Conservation License is needed before you can buy any fishing or hunting license. In order to obtain a Conservation License applicants are required to provide the last four digits of their social security number in addition to to the information usually requested. A valid driver's license or a valid photo ID is required to purchase a license.

What are the Qualifications for getting a Resident Montana Fishing License?

To be a legal resident eligible to purchase a resident Fishing License, you much have physically been living in Montana for at least 180 consecutive days (six months) immediately before purchasing any resident license; you must file Montana state income tax returns as a resident, if you are required to file; you must have registered you vehicles in Montana; if you are registered to vote, you must be registered in Montana; and you may not possess or apply for any resident hunting, fishing or trapping privileges in another state or country. At the time of purchase, a person much resent a valid Montana driver's license, a valid Montana driver's examiner's identification card, or a tribal identification card.

Can I take a picture with my phone of my Fishing License?

A license on your smart phone IS acceptable. It is best to save as a favorite or in a easily accessible folder on your smart phone. 

How much do Fishing Licenses Cost for Residents?


0-11 - No license required. Must observe all limits and regulations. 

12-15 - $14.50

16-17 / 62 and Older - $16.50

18-61 - $31.00

Disabled 18-61 - $20.50

How much is a Non-Resident Fishing License?

Age 12-15

1 Day - $24.00 (Additional 1 Day $14.00)

5 Day - $66.00 (Additional 5 Day $56.00)

Season - $110.00

Age 16 and Older

1 Day - $31.50 (Additional 1 Day $14.00)

5 Day - $73.50 (Additional 5 Day $56.00)

Season $117.50

Where do I go to get a permit for Bull Trout?

When fishing for Bull Trout each angler must have in possession a valid Bull Trout Catch Card for the specific water he/she is fishing. Anglers may select only one of the following areas: A) Lake Koocanusa, or B) Hungry Horse Reservoir and South Fork Flathead River. Swan Lake is open to angling for Bull Trout without a special permit but no harvest is allowed. All other waters are closed to intentional angling for Bull Trout year around. 

Catch Cards are free of charge and are available at the FWP Region 1 office in Kalispell and at the US Forest Service Spotted Bear Ranger Station. Applications for a catch card are available at FWP Region 1 office or online at . Completed applications must be presented at the regional headquarters or mailed to FWP Bull Trout Permit, 490 North Meridian, Kalispell MT 59901.

Do I need a Fishing License to Purchase a Paddlefish Tag?

To purchase a Paddlefish Tag, all anglers must have a valid Conservation License, an AIS Prevention Pass and a Fishing License. Limit of one Paddlefish tag (one fish) per person: Resident - $6.50 Nonresident - $15.00

Where Do I got to apply to add Disability to my Licenses?

To qualify a person must be permanently and substantially disabled. Applications are available on the FWP website at under Disabled and Special Licenses however, they can only be certified at a regional FWP office or by mail. 

Veterans Administration Patients

Permits are available for patients residing at VA Hospitals and residents of State institutions, except the State penitentiary. These free permits are available on-site at the VA Hospital or State institution. Contact Enforcement 406-444-2452.

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